Smino - “90 Proof” ft. J. Cole
Directed + Edited by Phillip Youmans

Executive Producer: Bridget Botchway B

Executive Producer: Henny Yegezu

Label: Motown

Produced by Johnny Hernandez & Joseph Barbalaco of Cult Classic

Cinematography by Cory Fraiman Lott

Production Design by Charlie Keeling & Keely Beal

Starring Smino, J. Cole, Natalia Leckey, Sonyae Blu & Bridget Botchway

Extras Casting: Bobby James

Motown Video Commissioner, SVP - Emmanuelle Cuny 1st AD & Raleigh Producer: Robert Opperman 1st AC: Austin Smoak 2nd AC: Summer Sierra Steadicam: Ryan Murphy Gaffer: Robert Bodrogi Key Grip: Kent Willard Smino Stylist: Taylar Hawkins J Cole Barber: Wil The Barber J Cole Stylist: Raeana Anaïs Cast HMU: Eddie Segoviano Production Assistant: Robbie Lewis Production Assistant: Jeri Hiwott Production Assistant: Bobby James