Listening to Michael Kiwanuka’s “Interlude (Loving the People)” feels like sunshine on my skin. This film is an escapist trip  where young black people revel in the psychedelic experience. Loving the People is about the adrenaline of unconfined love and  joy, a celebration of black youth and imagination.
Denizen Pictures presents
In Association with SMUGGLER and Serendip Productions
Michael Kiwanuka  “Interlude (Loving the People)” 
Written, Directed, and Edited By  Phillip Youmans 
Produced by Ayesha Nadarajah 
Executive Produced by 
Elizabeth Doonan 
Kobe Gilmore 
Faith Couch 
Ser Greene 
Meelah Mucker 
Uchenna Obiora 
Director of Photography 
Gus Bendinelli 
First AC 
Q Rodriguez 
Location Manager 
Djaka Souare 
Styling by
Kobe Gilmore 
Production Assistant
Edgar Machuca 
Special Thanks
Marquise Miller 
Cory Fraiman-Lott